June 11, 2020
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As we emerge from lockdown, the next few weeks will be a time of firsts. Breaking out of the shrunken world we have become accustomed to. Pushing out a little further. We want to see, feel, experience things we have only dreamt about over the past months.

The first roadtrip visit to see friends and family. Even if only to sit in a garden or park, just for a few hours. Catching up away from screens and the city’s broadband anxiety.

Some of us crave a day trip to the seaside. Dip the toes into the sea for the first time. Walk across the stones or sand with bare feet, get a cheeky ice cream. And what about the first run or bike ride outside of the city loops we have come to know so well. Find empty roads, paths, segments to hit.

Even take the dog. Get out to the countryside and away from the usual walking route. Lots of new things to smell. Or simply drive out to your favourite garden centre, zoo or drive-in cinema.

There are a lot of first roadtrips to come. At THE OUT we simply want to ensure the journey isn’t the tedious bit. Where you go for your firsts is of course totally up to you.