MAY 3RD, 2021

After more than a year spent in lockdown, a third of UK adults claim they are working more than ever before. UK adults are spending a quarter of their waking lives online and connected, with the average working day in 2020 going from 9-5 to 9-all the time.

Zoom fatigue is definitely a thing. Not having a chance to catch your breath before the next meeting.

To help people break free from this dead end routine, THE OUT has partnered with Heritage Arts to offer a one of a kind extraction service to help people rediscover the excitement of life.

Participants chosen to have themselves extracted from the endless 9-5 routine will be collected by THE OUT. They are escorted to a brand new Land Rover Defender, told to select a postcode and drive. In the interests of breaking routine, their destination remains unknown.

The events that unfold will have the same level of intrigue and excitement as a Line of Duty storyline, complete with OCG style characters, guiding participants through an immersive experience.

And in keeping with THE OUT’s premium concierge service offering, participants will be delivered directly back to their doors at the end of the experience.

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