October 27, 2020

Someone recently told us that our brand isn't funny. So well here is some funny.

Real talk. We’re not saying we are polly perfect, but according to our users’ reviews, we don’t come far off. We’ve pulled together some of our finest and funniest and thought you’d love to see what you’re saying about us. Don’t worry Sandra72, we’re keeping this anonymous…

Loved the service. The last thing you want when hiring a car is to have to get a taxi or get driven to a crappy depot or airport to get a rental car and being able to specify a time and know exactly what vehicle you’re getting is so much better.

Easy as A,B,C. Booked from the comfort of my armchair and within three hours I had a young, sexy gentleman at my doorstep. It’s just a shame he was here to deliver my car!

Punctual, professional, clear and following Covid guidelines.

Very friendly delivery agent, also explained all features of the car including how to use the steering lock.

Used this service for a business trip. My favourite part was when CarPlay connected so easily and my young daughter’s Spotify list accidentally started to blare through the speakers. Let’s just say I didn’t have my 62 year old boss down as an Ariana Grande fan.

Love, love, love it. Easy app. Great lineup of Land Rover/Range Rovers and an IPACE. I went for a RR Sport. It was an Autobiography so it had all the tech and extra luxuries. Spotless. Delivered to my door bang on time by a friendly guy. Picked up on time by another friendly guy. Quick handovers. Just an absolute joy. Will definitely book again.

Top experience from this company. Had never heard of them but their ads popped up on Instagram. Better than those ads for that magic mop that has the disinfectant already in the handle. Although that is very useful…

Very smooth experience, driver lovely and helpful and SO polite. Thank you.

Car was great. The size of the boot was perfect for what I needed. I think I managed to get 3 people in there, or maybe it was 4.

Felt like Christmas when the car arrived! Didn’t want to give it up, but Lent soon arrived.

Guess it was alright.

Not to blow our own horn but “toot-toot”.
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