First days of freedom

July 07, 2020
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A few weeks ago we were sharing lockdown stories with friend of THE OUT, Alex Bescoby, award-winning filmmaker and founder of The Last Overland Expedition, and thought we should capture these first days of post-lockdown freedom with his pal Levison Wood, best selling author and photographer.

Over to Alex and Lev;

“Freedom. It’s something we’ve all been missing these past few months. I live my life on the road. I spent four months of last year driving a beautiful old Land Rover 21,000km through 23 countries on my most recent film project, The Last Overland. So sitting still at home for the same amount of time came as a bit of a shock.

Lockdown has been much harder for so many people, but one positive thing I keep hearing from friends and family is that it made them focus on what really matters. For me, it was spending quality time with people I love. So when THE OUT asked if I wanted to head out of London for the weekend with a few close friends, I didn’t need asking twice.

Spending time in the English countryside made me realise you don’t have to cross continents to have an unforgettable adventure. With the right people, you can make incredible memories just beyond your doorstep.

So here’s to your first taste of freedom. First road trip. First fire-side chat. First seeing the sunrise with the people you love. And if 2020 really is the ‘year of the staycation’, I’m ok with that.”