Defender - The most talked about car of the year

August 10, 2020

The all-new Land Rover Defender has joined THE OUT fleet.

After 4 years out of production, the icon is back.

When the last of its type rolled off the production line in January 2016, many people thought this would be the last we’d see of the historic vehicle. Cut to the year 2020 and the ultimate adventure classic has been refined and rebirthed.

Not only is this piece of metal impressive in strength, but also in its poise. Everything about Defender exudes quiet confidence; from its purposeful stance to its famous name.

Both highly desirable and seriously capable, everything has been designed with practicality in mind, with cabin walk-through and space for 5 people plus a third row of seats for two children, or a few dogs.

The Defender’s interior bears testimony to the vehicle’s spirit of adventure. ClearSight ground view effectively allows you to see through the bonnet by displaying multiple exterior views, making you feel at ease when driving in those tricky areas. The panoramic roof will also enable you to feel a deep sense of connection with your surroundings as the world moves around you.

Experience the new Defender. History re-mastered.


Defender - The most talked about car of the year