October 06, 2020

All that effort we put into the 9-5 we should put right back into our all round wellbeing.

The body and mind are like an engine (sorry, not sorry) – if there is no juice in the tank or charge in the battery, the car just won’t work. That’s why we all need to kick back to rejuvenate and recharge from time to time.

Picture this. You’re behind the wheel of a brand new all-electric award-winning Jaguar I-PACE, with a range of over 280 miles and 395bhp and the city is getting smaller and smaller in your rear view mirror. Snacks are being shared – crisps or carrots your call – conversation is flowing and good vibes are starting to roll.

After cruising through numerous small towns and villages, you soon arrive at Alexander House Hotel in West Sussex, where you’re welcomed in with a complimentary bottle of Nyetimber bubbly.

The 5-star Alexander House Hotel, a Jacobean manor with 120 acres of beautiful gardens and the all-important Utopia Spa. The food has won the hotel 3 AA Rosettes and then of course there is the 1608 Champagne Bar for afters...

No, this isn’t a dream, this is the real deal. To make life easier, we have partnered with innovative booking platform Porter & Sail where you can book future-proofed credits meaning you can purchase without committing to travel dates and go whenever it suits you.

And don't worry about the I-PACE running out of juice: Alexander House is only 60 miles away from Trafalgar Square, so you will have plenty of charge. And if you do decide to take a detour, there are more than 21 charging stations along the route to West Sussex.

Check out a snapshot of the weekend below.